If you’re noticing a Traffic-media.co when you open a web browser—either it is your new homepage on the browser or your computer just redirects to that page when you’re Web surfing—then it’s likely because you have adware on the PC.

Some users may be experiencing this redirect when visiting certain websites. If that’s the case, then there’s nothing you can do about it as the redirect is coming from the ads that are being displayed by the site owner. But if you’re noticing the traffic-media.co redirect continually happening and from many different websites, then it’s more likely the case that you have adware on the computer that needs to be removed.

Sometimes the term “adware” is thrown into the potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) list of annoyances that can occur when installing software packages, but in reality, a better term for it would be definitely unwanted programs (DUPs) because adware will ruin your web browsing experience. You may notice some advertisements on a webpage when you’re doing your regular browsing, and if the site is a good one, there shouldn’t ever be an overabundance of them. But when you have adware, you get all the usual ads from the websites you visit, plus an additional overlay of ads that follow you wherever you go. The adware ads are not associated with the sites that you visit but rather have been deceitfully installed on your computer without you knowing and will earn the developers of the adware revenue each time you allow the ads to continue opening on your computer.

Adware can often be found hidden in torrent files when you’re downloading illegal movies from untrustworthy sources. Adware isn’t usually what you would expect to find bundled in as a PUP when installing software from legitimate sources for free.

Regardless of how the traffic-media.co managed to sneak itself onto your computer, there is a simple way to fix it: by downloading and installing the AdwCleaner program, running it and letting it clean your computer.

This tutorial demonstrates how to remove the traffic-media.co web browser redirect from a computer so you can start surfing the Web happily again.

How to Remove Traffic-media.co Browser Redirect

1. Head to the official AdwCleaner webpage from Malwarebytes and click on the “Free Download” link toward the bottom of the page.

2. If your browser gives you a notification that says “This type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep the adwcleaner_x.exe anyway, click on the “Keep” button.

3. Click to open the AdwCleaner file once it has finished downloading.

4. If User Account Control prompts you, click on the “Yes” button.

5. Click on the “I Agree” button when you get to the welcoming and license agreement screen.

6. Click on the “Scan Now” button to scan your computer of adware and potentially unwanted programs.

7. The AdwCleaner tool will now quickly scan your computer and find the threats.

8. Click on the “Clean & Repair” button from the Scan results page to clean the computer.

9. You can choose to “Clean and Restart Later” or Clean and Restart Now” depending on what suits your needs. Any unsaved work will be lost if you proceed to shut down now, but you’ll want to shut it down before expecting your computer to be ridded from the adware.

10. After a few minutes, the AdwCleaner interface will automatically open itself up on your computer’s display once again and show you the results.

11. Any adware that was detected will now be held in the “Quarantine” section of the AdwCleaner program. You can if you prefer still uninstall the AdwCleaner from your computer after you’re finished your scans and still expect to browse the Web without seeing the adware that you were before.

That’s all.