If you’re seeing many advertisements around your computer’s display recently, and they each say “Ads by TomorrowGames” in the corner, it’s likely because you’ve accidentally downloaded adware onto your computer.

TomorrowGames is an adware program that once downloaded will install itself as a web browser extension and then continuously proceed to dish you advertisements that have nothing to do with the websites that you’re visiting.

The TomorrowGames adware advertisements may show you various coupons, tools to optimize your PC, and other banner or contextual advertisements. These ads are just a gimmick, not just because they follow you everywhere you go around the internet and try to get you to click on them but also because if you do click on them they don’t lead to real products. Instead what you will find is links to fake toolbars and PC optimizers that you don’t want on your computer either.

The TomorrowGames adware program is installed on your computer because each time you click on one of the ads, it creates revenue for the developers. The companies that agree to be apart of the TomorrowGames adware program also benefit by getting you to use their services, such as visiting their websites to shop with coupons or install PC optimizers that will then open up extra avenues for them to create revenue from you.

If you’ve been hit with this type of adware, you may see various forms of text under or next to the ads: Powered by TomorrowGames, Ads by TomorrowGames, Brought to you by TomorrowGames, You’ve received a premium offer from TomorrowGames, so forth.

It’s impossible to say exactly what lead to TomrrowGames adware getting on your computer—there are likely many different downloads available around the Web that each contains the adware, and tracing your steps is impossible unless you can remember them yourself. But common mistakes people make include installing fake torrent files that aren’t movies and are instead just filled with programs such as adware to make revenue from you. Always do your research on how to spot a fake torrent if you must download them, and make sure if you’re downloading other free files from the Internet that you’re doing so from trusted locations. This is still a bit of a gray area online, with there being millions of smaller publishers each with fantastic and trustworthy content that you should use and download from, and as such, it can be very difficult trying to decipher whether you’re on a dependable website or not. That’s why tools such as VirusTotal—a free to use file scanner that allows you to scan URLs before you download the files—is such a useful tool to keep in your arsenal.

Method 1: How to Remove “Ads By TomorrowGames” Virus with AdwCleaner

1. Head to the official AdwCleaner webpage from Malwarebytes and click on the “Free Download” link toward the bottom of the page.

2. If your browser gives you a notification that says “This type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep the adwcleaner_x.exe anyway, click on the “Keep” button.

3. Click to open the AdwCleaner file once it has finished downloading.

4. If User Account Control prompts you, click on the “Yes” button.

5. Click on the “I Agree” button when you get to the welcoming and license agreement screen.

6. Click on the “Scan Now” button to scan your computer of adware and potentially unwanted programs.

7. The AdwCleaner tool will now quickly scan your computer and find the threats.

8. Click on the “Clean & Repair” button from the Scan results page to clean the computer.

9. You can choose to “Clean and Restart Later” or Clean and Restart Now” depending on what suits your needs. Any unsaved work will be lost if you proceed to shut down now, but you’ll want to shut it down before expecting your computer to be ridded from the adware.

10. After a few minutes, the AdwCleaner interface will automatically open itself up on your computer’s display once again and show you the results.

11. Any adware that was detected will now be held in the “Quarantine” section of the AdwCleaner program. You can if you prefer still uninstall the AdwCleaner from your computer after you’re finished your scans and still expect to browse the Web without seeing the adware that you were before.

Method 2: How to Remove “Ads By TomorrowGames” Virus with Malwarebytes

1. Visit the Malwarebytes official website and download the tool for your computer by clicking on the “Free Download” link.

(Unlike many other tools out there today that say it’s a free download and then list a bunch of things your PC doesn’t need to be fixed before asking you to pay a hefty fee with your credit card to fix them, Malwarebytes does allow you to download, install, and use the tool free for 14 days. All you need to do is run the tool once to fix the problem you have, and if you want to continue using the tool long term, so it’s scanning your computer periodically, then you can sign up to the premium version.)

2. If you get a web browser warning about files such as these potentially harming your device, click on the “Keep” button to proceed with the download.

(Malwarebytes is a tool trusted by millions of people around the world and will not harm your device. Windows just can’t distinguish all files yet and so you sometimes see a warning such as this one even though the file is trustworthy.)

3. Click on the Malwarebytes executable file once the downloads completes. (If you need to, you can also access it by heading to the Dtart menu > File Explorer > This PC and then opening up the “Downloads” folder.

4. If prompted by User Account Control (UAC) click on the “Yes” button.

5. From the Select Setup Language dialog, click on the drop-down menu to select your language such as “English” and then click on the “OK” button.

6. When it asks where are you installing Malwarebytes, click on either “Personal computer” or “Work computer, depending on which one makes sense for you, and then click on the “Continue” button.

7. Click on the “Agree and Install” button when you get to the license agreement and privacy policy.

8. Wait a few moments for Malwarebytes to install on the computer.

9. Click on the “Finish” button when you get to the screen where it lets you know that the Malwarebytes installation is complete.

10. A few moments later the Malwarebytes interface will automatically open on the computer for you. Make sure you’ve selected “Dashboard” from the left pane and then click on the “Scan Now” button.

11. Malwarebytes lets you know how the progress of the scan is going while it goes to work. Wait for the scan to complete.

12. From the scan results, make sure all the threats that you want to be removed are checked by clicking on each of the associated checkboxes and then click on the “Quarantine Selected” button.

13. The threats are now held in “quarantine” and are no longer on the computer.

You can now close the Malwarebytes program if you like.

If you ever want to delete Malwarebytes from the computer, you can do that by finding the list of applications and uninstalling it as you would any other app. Should you choose to uninstall Malwarebytes in the future, it will not mean that the computer is infected with the malware again. The malware remains off the computer (unless you were to install it again accidentally).

That’s all.